The fitness icon Jack LaLanne who held the world press up record, and marked his 70th birthday, by towing a flotilla of 70 rowboats for a mile-long swim is the definition of healthy aging. LaLanne worked out like a monster, never eating dessert, most of us lack not only the will power but the genetics to age like LaLanne. And thankfully we can live longer better lives now without having to be so blessed genetically and willing to suffer.

If you look at YouTube you’ll see chemists, and body builders discussing how celebrates back on pounds of lean mass, and stay forever young. The good news for most of us is that we don’t need to dive into exotic, or unsafe compounds. For a good many of Hollywood stars use bioidentical hormone replacement is helping them stay young.

For example The Rock, is probably not taking steroids and is instead using hormone pellet therapy.

Now sure most of us, will not work as hard as the rock, but most of us are just looking to maintain our health as we age. And avoid sacrificing too much of the things that make life fun. I want to live long enough to eat ice cream with my great-grandchildren not become Mr. Olympia.

Taking hormone replacement isn’t a magic bullet, but it can sure help you age more gracefully. And society is learning to accept that HRT can help us age better, and even live longer. Meet Joan Macdonald, a 72 year old woman, who with a little hard work, and according to IFBB Pro Greg Doucette some hormone replacement turned her health around.

We’ve known that HRT can help us live longer, and better for years. In 1997 a 12 year study was published suggesting that “millions of women could be missing out on up to three and a half years of life by failing to take advantage of hormone replacement therapy (HRT). This has been echoed by studies in 2019.

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