In the past, we’ve talked about feeling younger with HRT, but now let’s talk about looking more youthful. Botox has gotten so popular that it is now a tent pole of cosmetics. 

Who doesn’t want to reduce the fine lines, wrinkles, and miscellaneous markers of aging? Botox is less expensive (with lower rates of complication) than other procedures such as face lifts. 

It’s not a great shock that men, women, boys, and girls, okay, not boys and girls research Botox to look younger longer.

The popularity stretches well past the de-aging. Being FDA approved means the efficacy and safety are well known. And a wide range of health issues, for example, migraines can be treated with Botulinum Toxin. As a cosmetic treatment, Botox is head and shoulders above most other outpatient nip and tuck like face lifts.

Why Botox?

It is NOT a surgical solution

Dermal fillers or minor surgery are able to reduce the wrinkles and maybe the right choice for some folks. But Botox is considered a less invasive and less painful solution that also still grants terrific results.

Botox is also fast! according to oneĀ Botox provider in Southlake, injections can be completed in only a couple of minutes. And the benefits will be visible within a day for most people, especially those looking to reduce wrinkles around the mouth, eyes, and forehead.Ā 

Many spas and even some salons can now offer Botox treatment. However, it’s recommended that you find a skilled medical provider who offers other treatments the first time you get Botox. Why? Well, maybe something like Dermal Fillers, KYBELLA Treatment, Laser Therapy, or a PRP Facelift would be better for you. 

Also, while the risk is a very, very low medical procedure, this isn’t a haircut. Make sure you talk to someone who knows what they are doing, and not just someone who wants to sell something.

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